This weekend at TAF…

We hope you can join us tomorrow.  

Our breakfast, Bible studies and fellowship begins at 9:45am.  Our worship service will begin at 11:00am.  Matt Stockdale will continue is Unchained sermon series.  Join us for lunch afterwards as we are having haystacks (taco salad).  
Don’t forget to check-in on Facebook each week.  We will make a donation to a local charity for each and every check-in.  
There are three Bible studies to choose from on Sabbath morning.  There is a bilingual class, a class that studies the adult Sabbath School quarterly and a new believers class.  They all start at 9:45am and end at 10:45am.  
We need your help Sunday at 2pm.  It’s time to move things out of the Outreach Center.  Come out and lend a hand.  
If you have a key to the Outreach Center, please return it to Matt before the end of the month.  Thanks.
Don’t forget to support TAF financially.  Together, we can continue to reach our community and present the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ.  
We hope to see you tomorrow!!