This weekend at TAF…

We hope you can join us tomorrow.  

Our breakfast, Bible studies and fellowship begins at 9:45am.  Our worship service will begin at 11:00am.  Luke Hudgins will bring us a message entitled The Power of One.  Join us for lunch afterwards as we are having a potato bar with chili.  
Don’t forget to check-in on Facebook each week.  We will make a donation to a local charity tor each and every check-in.  
Join us July 7 as we are formally organized as a church in the Carolina Conference and as we celebrate our 4 year anniversary.
We will need some help Sunday afternoon at 3pm to organize the materials that used to be in the Outreach Center and move them into the new Outreach Center.  Please join us if you are available.  
Jill Shaw will not be able to collect the recycling this weekend at church.  We need someone to handle the recycling duties this weekend.  If you can take the bag home or to your nearest fire station for recycling, please let Matt know.  
Don’t forget to support TAF financially.  Together, we can continue to reach our community and present the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ.  
We hope to see you tomorrow!!