This weekend at TAF…


We hope you can join us tomorrow.

Our breakfast, Bible studies and fellowship begins at 9:45am.  Our worship service will begin at 11:00am.  Luke Hudgins will bring us a message entitled Stay In The City.  Join us for lunch afterwards as we are having tacos.  
Don’t forget to check in on Facebook each week.  We will make a donation to a local charity for each and every check-in.  
We will host a Christmas Benefit Concert Saturday night at 7pm.  Musical guests will include DEARbravesoul and Tri-City Christian Academy.  We will collect a love offering for Ebenezer Christian Children’s Home.  Light refreshments will be served afterwards. This will be a great event to invite your family and friends to attend.  
DBS Christmas Concert.JPG
Don’t forget to support TAF financially.  Together, we can continue to reach our community and present the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ.  
We hope to see you tomorrow!!